hello world

I am random. Random is as random does, I always say.  As I sit here, and think about what to write, and what I am truly thinking about, one thing continues rushing through my brain.

“Maybe I am SO RANDOM, that it is NOT random anymore”

I know, mind blown right? Sorry.  It has come to my attention, from inner thinking while sitting alone with a bottle of vodka, playing Call Of Duty, that I am one random person. So maybe if I am known as doing random things, and saying random phrases, that it is not so “special” anymore, and that maybe now it is time to flip everyone on their heads and start being “blah” ?

If I used to walk into a room, and immediately crack a joke, and yell “pour me a drink, AND MAKE IT A DOUBLE!!” to the bartender, maybe next it is time to just casually walk in, order a beer quietly, sit down and people watch.

I love people watching. People, I have noticed, are random as well. I love the personality in people. Everyone, these days, are less about impressing people, and more about “being me, and proud of it!”. I am cool with that. I like seeing people dressed like a weirdo and being fine with it. Back in the 90’s when I was in school, you couldn’t do that shit and get away with it. Back in the 90’s and 00’s when I was in school, that was the cliché “nerdy” way to be, and it was only done by the nerds.

Now, it’s cool to be different.  Which like my original point, if EVERYONE is being different, then no one is.

This shit is mind-blowing to me,  I am sure you all have thought about this anyway’s, but I felt like blogging about it. This is my first blog, and I am at work, so it doesn’t matter what I type here. Honestly, 7 people MAY read this, so it REALLY doesn’t matter what I type here.

The funny thing is, as I proof read everything, I notice how fucking random this blog truly is. Maybe I won’t be changing much at all? Maybe random is what I was born to be.

Maybe…..just maybe…………rainbows.


~ by Failhorn on May 18, 2011.

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